* A Journey of Life (Chitwan-Sauraha, Thro' Jan. 5th-8th/2011)

A Journey of Life (Chitwan-Sauraha From Jan. 5th-8th/2011)

My Friends Andrees de Ruiter & his Mother Hanne invited us (my wife, son & I) to Chitwan-Sauraha tour. We left for that trip on 5th January 2011 by tourist bus catched at the Pokhara tourist bus station & did drive about 5 hours Sauraha including breakfast & pea break on the way. It was very comfortable & safe driving.

When we arrived at Sauraha’s bus park, our Friend Andrees was waiting for us since long time, and it was so good to see him there, first he took us to the Elephant Dung paper Factory was so nice to see experience that how those people can make such a nice & useful stuffs from it. Elephant eats such a grass with so much fibers, so it’s very easy & plenty of fibers making paper, with little machine put some chemical & after some process into the big pot of water & large paper sized sieve & sift it, take out need 3-4 hours sun shine then it’s ready.

We did drive to Jungle sun set hotel, at the entrance gate our Friend Hanne was welcoming for us, it was so warm & pleasant to see her again. We had so good Nepali set daal bhaat with aachar & yogurt! I really ate a lots because it was so good!
Same day Andrees took us to ride on Camel was life’s first Experience! Wow I felt very good & enjoyed so much and Maina & Shyam as well. Then we did drive to Elephant breeding center was so nice to see & specially the twin young of an elephant (Chhaawaa), which is rarely get born.
In the evening we got together for dinner & got to seat around wood burning fire was so nice & warm!

2nd day we went for Jungle walk about 6 hours, was fantastic! I did not expect to see the rhino such a close distance! Was Great View! Wow!! Then we saw hundreds of type of birds, crocodile, alligator, python, wild boar, spotted deer, monkey, wild chicken etc.
In the evening we went to another restaurant (have been running belong to Dutch Woman) and had a dinner, after it we went to seat around the fire again & heard & sang some sentimental song with the guitar player guy come from ktm, was very fun to join him.
3rd day we went for Elephant jungle safari was great: we had seen also many types of wild animals: for example rhino with a little young calf, antelope deer, spotted deer, wild boar, wild chicken, peacock, monkey etc.
On 4th day after breakfast together with Hanne & Andrees, we had to separated, at 9:00 o’clock we had to drive to Sauraha tourist bus station, then drive to Pokhara by tourist bus was very good & safely arrived home. Same day our Friends Andrees & Hanne drive to ktm via Daman, which is one of the best driving roads to ktm for Mountain & beautiful landscape scenery.

AS A SUMMARY: Chitwan-Sauraha is one of the best destination for a holiday trip for anyone, there you easily can access for Natural beauties & its diversity & Tharu-culture, nice people and good food + comfortable accommodation, easy driving or fly into Bharatpur just a few km, away.

If anyone would like to make a trip to Chitwan-Sauraha: you may contact to me, I will do my best for you.

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