5 Homes Handover for 5 Families (updated on 19-11-2016)

Date: 2016-03-22

On behalf of EEF (Earthquake Emergency Fund) team:
5 newly built homes are handover today for the five families (30 members), who completely lost their homes from last terrible earthquakes in Nepal.
The families originally from the remotest places called Tipling VDC of Dhading near the Ganesh Himalayas. After everything lost they come down to Chyangli – 2, Awanda of Gorkha and they got homes over there. It’s by distance 74 km away of Pokhara.Our team could build more homes for more families, because of very limit budget we could not do as we wanted. Still our relief aid program is ongoing…

At Chyangli Awanda Gorkha, there are 200 households living. These people are severely suffering from drinking water crisis!
Because of the earthquakes, they lost water spring and it is completely dried!! So they must carry up the water with water pots or jar from the river. It is at least 600 meter far below the lower village.
In monsoon season this river brings so dark and dirty water, still for them there is no other option to drink and use for their cattle.

Our EEF team is planning for this drinking water project:
First of all near the river, need to construct a WELL and strong huge-WALL around to protect it from the monsoon river hit. Pump the water from the well and collect it in the huge reserved water tank at the 1st village and distribute it to each family.

The villagers claimed about costing it sixty thousand dollars (60,000 $) in total. But if our team able to collect twenty thousand dollars (20,000 $); then we would buy all the necessary materials including all transportation, pay for the expert masons (builders), workers, engineer etc… And for the normal work the villagers would work as a volunteer. So our target is to collect as above mentioned budget.

Updated on 06-10-2016: 
Dear all, EEF: Ongoing housing project currently to start building another home at Chalisedanda – 5, Mirkot VDC of Gorkha, by distance about 90 km away in the east of Pokhara. Where, there are 40 households are affected from the last earthquakes; 15 households are totally damaged and those families are living under bamboo shelters made by themselves. You know it does not last longer. The rest homes partly cracked, some parts fallen and some families even built homes for themselves. According to our field visit, for the 15 + (6 families from neighboring village) = 21 families are seriously in need a home.
As the government directed and earthquakes resistance home may cost easily 10k$ per home. Depending on the location, size, model and materials etc... If you built same home in the more remote areas will cost at least double.

Now; EEF housing project has received 4k through Dr. Susan Cummings Nicholson in Virginia, https://www.gofundme.com/2sudd8s?brandedshare=1&d=119616733
The government has just provided as a first part of money (50 thousand Rs.) for the each affected family to build a home, but we found some information, this money is not been used for homebuilding, even we someone told us that one of the families took the provided money of 50 thousand Rs, and gambled for 60 thousand Rs!

EEF team never provides cash directly to the families for homebuilding, but we bring all the necessary materials and involve ourselves to build it till it does not complete.
As we experienced; this is a fastest way to build home and no chance to misuse of the provided money…
Your donation is very welcome and highly appreciated. We as a small team but energetic and dedicated one to bring directly each your support and supplies to the real affected people and areas without any long and headache process between...

Special thanks to whom involved in this project, because of your support, at least 30 people have received homes!! https://www.facebook.com/premsnepaltrek1/?pnref=lhc

Currently being constructed a home at Chalisedanda – 5, Mirkot VDC of Gorkha, by distance about 101 km away in the east of Pokhara. On my previous information I mentioned details about the project. Mirkot is habitat nearly 35% of the indigenous Kumal people. Please, you may have a look more information and picture to click this link: https://www.facebook.com/prem.rai2# 

Updated on: 18-10-2016
EEF: Few weeks ago, our ongoing housing project had started to build a house at Chalisedanda – 5, Mirkot VDC of Gorkha. The wall building is just completed and the rest work will be done in next two weeks.

Updated on: 2016 Nov, 19 Saturday
What a great privilege for us to hand-over a beautiful house to the family of Jit Bdr Kumal at Mirkot Gorkha. He has two childrenl and a ovely wife. They had lost their house from the last earthquakes hits in Nepal. They were living under temporarily tin roofed and bamboo bar shelter for nearly two years! Including his family, there are seven other families are still living in a heart-rending circumstances and at a same place.

Building this house; financially and physically supported by Dr. Susan Cumming Nicholson in Virginia and Mr. Barkley entirely dedicated in the field; - for painting, cleaning, encouraging people around.
I did a question to one of these senior citizen “why don’t you rebuild your house at the same place? He said; first reason, he does not want to look back to this place, because he had such a terrific experienced during the earthquakes hit, in front of his eye, dramatically his house started falling part by part and within a seconds it changed into rubble and he could see only the smoky dust covered the whole sky!! Second reason; they have no budget to rebuild!!

EEF’s goal is rebuild other seven houses as well, because they are in a same need and situation. Each house costs to complete $6K.

Date: October 12, 2017

First of all many apologies for being delayed to hand-over the homes to the families! EEF team expected it to happen right before monsoon rainy season, but we could not. And then we tried it just after monsoon, again we were not able to do that because of festivals in Nepal. Also it went to finish by 20% more expensive than what we estimated.

So good news; today two families ~ Tabu Lama (5 members) and Sang Lama (husband and wife or 2 members) gotten new homes after a long

Including these two families, EEF team is so much thankful to Dr. Susan Cummings Nicholson in the United States of America and Ellen Urwin in the UK. If they did not support, these families could not have such a beautiful house, they were explaining having such a house is first time in their whole generations…!!

There are 5 more families having same problems, so our team aims to build the houses before next monsoon.  But we don’t have any fund left, need minimum of 30K$. Visit in details here; https://www.facebook.com/prem.rai2/media_set?set=a.1583433211698806&type=3

(Updated on September 22, 2017)

The Kulung race belongs to Rodu lineage. Even though the origin of this race is Mahakulung area of Solukhumbu district they are dispersed especially in Sankhuwasabha, Bhojpur, Dhankuta, Sunsari, Morang, Jhapa, Ilam of Eastern Nepal and a small population has been living in Kathmandu and Kaski permanently or temporarily.  The population of this race is estimated to be more than one hundred thousand.

The main feature of this race is to be very honest and to help others as far as possible when required. However, the area where this race inhabits is very remote and hinterland. This is the reason why they have lagged behind in political, economic, education and health sector. Having realized the reality that Kulung patients suffering from grave illness to bring the hospital far away, the pregnant women who have been undergoing delivery of the baby, the recently delivered mothers, and the Kulung people who fall from the cliffs while collecting the fodder and fire wood, the people suffering from blood cancer, heart disease, who suffer from liver failure have been dying premature and untimely death because they live in the most remote area and it is very difficult for them to bring to the hospital in time. This fund has been established with the expectation to make it a success with the help and cooperation of all people around the World.
The fund had been established at Dharan in the name of ‘KULUNG SANGH FUND’ with the amount of NPR 25,000.00 collected from the sale of the books ‘Racial Introduction to Nepal’ written and published by Dipendra Kumar Thoreppa in his own expenses in 2002 (AD). Mr. Malumdhwaj Pidisai the sub-coordinator of the fund played an important role in increasing the capital of the fund by transforming the interest into capital every month. It has been made public that the fund began to assist the Kulung community with the interest of the capital fund when this amount increased to NPR 136,000.00 (one hundred thirty six thousand rupees) after almost ten years. In the month of April 2017, an amount of NPR 120,000.00 (one hundred twenty thousand rupees) was collected in the Kulung Health Fund by the inhabitants of Dharan in a short duration of four days as a means of inspiring our small endeavor after which the total amount of the Health Fund has reached more than NPR 250,000.00 (two hundred fifty thousand rupees). A donation of total amount of NPR 15,000.00 (fifteen thousand rupees) has been made to two patients from Sankhuwasabha suffering from the disease related to neurology and one patient from Sunsari suffering from blood cancer NPR 5000.00 (five thousand rupees) each.

It is requested to all to assist to increase the capital of the fund established as it has been very difficult assist with the required fund to the needy ones because a small amount of interest is generated from a small amount of capital. Your each donation shall save the helpless Kulung patients suffering from severe disease and the ones who are very close to death. Let us join hands together to do something in the sensitive field like health.
This fund shall remain under Kulung Union Dharan, the fund is audited every year according to the rules of the organization. To make the fund a success, there is a departmental Fund Administration Committee made, which is as follows:

Coordinator: Mr. Dipendra Kumar Thoreppa (founder)
Joint-coordinator: Mr. Malumdhwaj Pidisai (social worker)
Treasure: Mrs. Arati Kulung (the District Treasure shall be ex-officio)
Secretary: Mr. Ganga Ram Kulung (the District Secretary shall be ex-officio)
Member: Mr. Ram Kumar Kulung (Health practitioner)

Your donation is very welcome and highly appreciated. We as a small team but energetic and dedicated one to bring directly each your support and supplies to the real affected people and areas without any long and headache process between… PNT and EEF’s banking details are:

A/C No: 18-1893645-01

Prem Rai
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Also our team is working for EEF (earthquake emergency fund), and delivered many relief aids to the affected families mainly in Gorkha and Dhading. We have built 8 houses in Gorkha and handover for the families who did lost homes from the last earthquakes in Nepal. https://www.facebook.com/prem.rai2/media_set?set=a.1583433211698806&type=3


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